Move To The Cloud It’s The Right Choice!

First of all, Aston Martin are designing a personal submarine, Elon Musk is touting the use of the BFR to reduce intercontinental flights to 30 minutes and we live in a world where you turn on your home lights and heating with the use of your smartphone! So moving your business to the cloud is absolutely the right choice!

We live in an ever-changing world of technology and it seems like we are always eager to be hooked on the next new gadget and smart device apps!

At AS Partners we have noticed that technology has advanced further in the last five years, then in the twenty years before that and furthermore, we have advised and supported numerous businesses when it comes to moving into the cloud. As a result, these business clients with annual revenues of up to $15M have experienced strategic advantages! Read on for the top 4 reasons why you should move your business to the cloud too!

1. Saving time

Moving your books to the cloud will almost immediately save you time, stress and most of all money. Finally allowing you to focus on the operations and most noteworthy, the strategic direction of your business.

2. Going mobile

Cloud software is accessible anywhere on any smart device at any time. This allows you to be as mobile as your business needs you to be. Whether it’s raising invoices and quotes while you are at a customer’s premises, or allocating your expenses at the time you incur them rather than months later. You get to fit your business around your life, not your life around your business by going mobile.

3. Storage of records and information

Cloud software allows you to store all your information securely and in a way, you can’t lose it. No more back-ups, no more upgrades, and you can access it anywhere! Just blissfully painless.

4. Knowledge of how your business is performing

If you can’t see it you can’t measure it. It’s vital to understand how your business is performing in “real-time”.

Cloud accounting software, such as Xero and QBO, can provide businesses with important information for management to make informed decisions in a timely manner.

This year, the Team at AS Partners worked closely with a local Melbourne business to help them set up, run and operate a successful multi-million dollar business venture in Asia. To do this, we heavily leveraged cloud technology for everything from document storage, sharing, and preparation.

If you are interested in seeing one of the above benefits in your business, take 5 minutes out of your day to contact us and talk to one of the Team at AS Partners to see how cloud technology can help you.

By Geoffrey Tulett, BBA ASA

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