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“Create, Grow, Sustain…”

AS Partners, so much more than just Accounting

AS Partners is one of Melbourne’s leading accountancy firms offering accounting services to both business and personal clients. We specialise in taxation, superannuation, business management, financial services, bookkeeping and administration.

Our customer driven philosophy sets the tone for everything we do, with our service specifically tailored to add value to the financial management of your business and personal objectives.

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Our Core Service Offering

   Tax and Accounting

This is what accountants do. We provide the experience, the knowledge, and the understanding of your business interests to ensure that what we do is right for you

   Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

Superannuation is a valuable tax planning strategy and an essential tool in wealth creation. AS Partners provides a down to earth analysis of superannuation solutions and where judged appropriate will make the benefits of self managed superannuation achievable in a cost effective and uncomplicated manner

   Business Structuring

There are a number of ways in which to organise ones business. The correct structure is vital in optimising the opportunities for achievement of success, whilst the alternatives can lead to loss on a number of fronts


Our Process

Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting & The Benefits

  • Access From Anywhere, At Any Time
  • Effective, Safe & Reliable
  • Reduced IT Overheads

Why use XERO

  • User friendly, easy to interpret & understand
  • Unlimited number of users with varying access levels, access anywhere, anytime
  • Integrates with a broad range of specialist software packages (CRM, Inventory, Project Management)
  • Find out more here

Why use Quickbooks Online

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Backed-up & Secure. Your data is always safe & protected
  • Accessable from any device, at any place, at any time
  • Find out more here


Key Data

80% of cloud adopters saw improvements within 6 months
82% of companies save money by moving to the cloud
62% of accountants rank access from multiple locations as the #1 benefit





Asset Protection   

Knowing what puts you at risk alerts to strategies for self protection. Impending losses are mostly unforeseen and often catch the business owner ill equipped to deal with the financial damage likely to occur. Business owners need to be prepared and have strategies in place for asset protection. Preparedness is the ultimate first step toward safe guarding of wealth

Succession Planning 

Thinking about what happens next and what the alternatives are? Knowing how to pass on a business will enhance its value with just rewards for your hard work

Selling A Business  

What is the business worth? A hard one to answer? No matter what level of expertise you have in your business, guidance is required to achieve best possible return for the investment of your time, effort and money


Specialised Services







  Tax Planning

We all have to pay tax. However just like all business costs, in order to succeed expenses must be rationalised and kept to a minimum. There are numerous ways to manage tax liabilities. To know the avenues and incentives endorsed by government for sponsoring business and to support a growing economy, is vital to optimizing the return on business investment

 Mortgage Loans

Isn’t it the way. A great idea, a great opportunity or even a business necessity, but not sure how to fund it. There could be a practical solution to make it happen. Responsible finance arrangements are available to make the vision a reality

 Estate Planning

Believe it or not, your hard work has created a legacy to be proud of. Don’t allow your heritage to be dwindled away. Allow your legacy to continue to benefit your descendants after you’ve passed on



We have a wide and diverse client base covering many different markets and industries, but highlight our experience in the following:


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