No matter what your business size, or number of employees, all businesses have legal obligations around safety at work. The first step is to consider how your staff could be injured at work, regardless of where the work is being carried out and what steps you have taken to prevent this from happening.

Prevention involves having safe equipment, systems of work, policies, procedures, induction, training and supervision in place and being able to demonstrate awareness and compliance with your obligations under OHS legislation. This can seem complex and WorkSafe Victoria provide free consulting support from a team of independent OHS specialists to small and medium businesses through the OHS Essentials Program. AS Partners can help our clients access this program.

In some workplaces where forklifts and equipment is used, there is a higher of risk of a severe injury.
Even in low risk workplaces such as offices, injuries still occur. These will more often be associated with computer use, slips and trips and even car accidents if your team is mobile.

We often hear media coverage when a serious workplace injury or fatality occurs. Penalties can be reported on too, with recent fines in Victoria being over $400,000. The fine is only one aspect of the costs with legal fees and increases in WorkSafe premium as well.

What can you do to be prepared?

1. Make sure you have an understanding of how your staff could be injured at work and take action to prevent this from happening.
2. Have a system for reporting of hazards and incidents. Any safety issue, near-miss or injury should be reported so you can review and take action.
3. Monitor your OHS performance as part of normal management reporting about your business.
4. Consult with your staff on any changes that could affect health and safety.
5. Stay up to date with what’s happening with WorkSafe and within your industry around health and safety standards.

It’s easy to think that workplace safety is ‘common sense’ but the legal obligations and expectations show this is not the case.

If you feel you need help in this area, please contact us OR For information on a free assessment email us at and we will send you a form to complete to access this free Worksafe Report.