Transition to retirement

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There comes a time when you‘ll need to plan for life after work.  This can be at any time during the work life cycle. It’s a process  of setting goals and financial strategies  that will most likely change the closer to retirement.  Goals set for life after work will inevitably be adjusted so the plan must be a continual process of resetting expectations.

Of course the closer to retirement, the goals and ability to achieve those goals need to become more realistic and within the bounds of the financial resources available.

Our service to clients looks after the financial factors that concern retirees and to allow a sense of surety of financial stability into the future. As accountants we understand your financial position having been involved in the reporting of your financial results, establishment and servicing of business structures and are familiar with your goals and objectives.


The benefit of our service is that clients will have the following areas addressed:

  • Analysis of your assets to determine your likely disposable income
  • Cash flow forecasts to determine how well your spending requirements will be met
  • Monitoring the performance of your investments feeding into taxation requirements
  • Restructuring of superannuation benefits allowing from transition to pension phase
  • Assessing and attending to Social Security benefits
  • Restructuring of business entities to reflect change in business circumstances
  • Investment Planning
  • Succession and estate planning


To achieve these outcomes, where necessary, we work with qualified investment advisers and lawyers with the appropriate expertise and skills required to ensure that decisions made and actions carried out, comply with statutory requirements.